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Having a Baby 

Baby’s Best Chance

The Pregnancy Hub 

Right from the Start

Smart Mom App

Local Resources

Q̓ᵂalayu House

Pregnant in Campbell River

FETCH Campbell River

Babies Best Chance Program

Campbell River Family Network

Promising Babies (Port Hardy & Port McNeill)

First Nations Health Benefits Pregnancy/Infant 

Prenatal Education

Bloom Into Mothering


Prenatal Class: Part 1 Prenatal

Prenatal Class: Part 2 Labour & Birth

Prenatal Class: Part 3 Postnatal

Tummy Talks - Free Online Birth Classes

Nine Moons Prenatal for Indigenous families

Nutrition & Wellness

Nausea & Vomiting in Pregnancy 

Healthy Eating Guidelines 

Healthy Weight Gain

Food Safety during Pregnancy 

Facts about Folate 

Iron Deficiency Anemia & You 

Food Sources of Iron 

Iron Supplements

Food Sources of Calcium

Exercise & Pregnancy / Pelvic Floor Health 

Kegel Exercises

Free Online Yoga Classes

Acupuncture at Form Wellness

Laura Heslin Acupuncture

Pelvic Floor Physio at Mountain View Physio

Pelvic Floor Physio at Foundation Rehab 

Pelvic Floor Physio at Active Living 


Prenatal Genetic Screening 

Prenatal Genetic Screening Decision Aid 

Prenatal Genetic Screening Visual Aid

A Screen Positive Result 

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing BC

NIPT Options

Canadian Down Syndrome Society 

21 Welcomes 

The Rh Factor 

When you need Rh Immune Globulin 

Vaccination & Pregnancy 

Gestational Diabetes 

Group B Strep: The Evidence 

When Pregnancy Goes Past Your Due Date 

Pregnancy Beyond 40 & Induction of Labour

The Third Stage of Labour 

Vitamin K 

Vitamin K: The Evidence 

Erythromycin Eye Ointment: The Evidence 

Newborn Screening Program 


Circumcision: The Evidence

Drug & Medication Safety

Mother to Baby - Medication Safety

Cannabis Use 

Quit Smoking

Findings on Prenatal US

Understanding Ultrasound in Pregnancy 

Choroid Plexus Cyst 

Dilated Renal Pelvis 

Echogenic Intracardiac Focus 


Additional Resources

Baby Movement Counting 

Dental Health in Pregnancy 

Domestic Violence and Abuse 

Fifth Disease (Parvovirus) 

Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy 

Multiple Pregnancy & Parenthood 

Travelling while Pregnant

Zika Virus 

Evidence Based Birth COVID Vaccine Info

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Network 

>>>Resources for Labour & Birth

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